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AWC: A Members Only Crypto Community

Our member community enjoys the platinum lifestyle that crypto built.

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Luxuries of Becoming an AWC Member

Our robust member community includes the following:

  • Finance - Which includes AWC Exchange, Digital Wallet and Cash Management, AWC Crypto Research Bot, AWC Equity Research Bot, and US Housing Exchange.

  • Education - Crypto 101, AWC Tutorials, Crypto Project Tutorials, and Crypto Global Environment.

  • Social Media - Link all of your social media accounts, add friends, track your followers, chat, share pictures, and media sharing.

  • NFT - Includes art, media, and business.

  • Entertainment - Includes Mad Hatter Society Peer to Peer Sports Betting, Music, Film, TV, and News.

  • Travel & Leisure - Includes Velocity Auto Concierge, Hotels, Boat Charters, and Private Jet Charters.

  • Marketplace - Includes AWC Auction, AWC Crypto Shopping Cart, and AWC Buy Crypto with Crypto.

  • Account Profile and Support - Customize your member desktop, and the AWC Concierge Bot.

How it Works

Step 1 - Beginning 2022, we are rolling out our FREE membership to all members.


To sign up, CLICK HERE

Members who want VIP status, please CLICK HERE

Step 2 - When you sign up, you will receive an email from us, which will walk you through the enrollment on the AWC Exchange.

Step 3 - Once your membership is active, you will not only earn on the crypto you purchase but also on every paying referral who signs up using your link/QR code.  We have partnered with GoaffPRO to manage our affiliate network, allowing our members to earn thousands per month!  Payouts are processed every two weeks, in USDT, via the AWC Exchange.

Step 4 - Utilize our member community to grow your crypto network, all while having access to the most cutting-edge bot intelligence, to research the crypto and equity markets.  As a member, you can earn additional sources of income while participating of one of the most disruptive technologies of our time!

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