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AWBT Tokens:
Better than Gold!

Buy the AWBT Club Tokens backed by Gold, Silver, and Palladium.

Saving the planet one AWBT Token at a time!

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Active World Club Member Benefits
AWBT (Active World Bits Token) BEP-20
AWB (Active World Bits) ERC-20
AWRT (Active World Rewards Token) ERC-20 (NFT)

At Active World Club (AWC), we strive to be instrumental in your success!  We’ve developed an exclusive concierge network for all members, designed to help facilitate trade, barter, and service opportunities.  In addition, we offer assistance setting up digital wallets and understanding crypto, blockchain functions, and basic transfers.  AWC currently offers our members three in-house utility tokens and trading research tools for thousands more third-party tokens.  Furthermore, membership also grants you access to our portfolio of traders, full profile forums, file sharing, our AWC address book, and the extremely robust Crypto Research Center. 

This is an opportunity not to be missed…join the Active World Club family, today!


Enhanced memberships receive access to upcoming ICOs and pre-launch opportunities for new projects, coins, and tokens.   


To learn more about our exciting portfolio of tokens and their tokenomics, select Blockchain from the toolbar.

AWBT is Better than Gold

All AWC registered purchases of AWBT Tokens are backed by 99% pure precious metals. These tokens are a crypto asset built on the Binance Blockchain using BEP-20. Hedge the current inflation trend and keep scrap out of landfills at the same time. AWBT is backed by the precious metals recycled from your purchase! Collect 3 or more AWBT Tokens and HOLD for more than 90 days to earn the ability to convert member registered AWBT into physical precious metals. 


1 AWBT = 1 OZT Basket of Recycled Metals

(99% Pure precious metals basket is 20% gold; 77% silver; and 3% palladium)  


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Buy AWBT and save the planet

AWC is proud to support the environment by helping to reduce waste and keeping hazardous materials out of landfills. The purchase of one AWBT Token directly contributes to the recycling and reuse of approximately 1000 lbs of scrap. Every AWBT Token is backed by a 1 ounce basket of the precious metals that are recovered and refined from junk in the recycling process that our members start with each purchase.

AWB ERC-20 Tokens are our club DeFi rewards tokens

Although AWB Ethereum Tokens are not backed by gold and precious metals, they do entitle holders to periodic special rewards of new crypto assets from AWC backed DeFi projects.  Additionally, AWB Tokens help facilitate trade, services, and funding among club members. This versatile utility and rewards token has a host of uses within the AWC community.  AWB is also the native token within the AWC Exchange.. 


Buy AWRT and earn rewards

Active World Club Members can utilize, earn, and be rewarded, the AWRT ERC20 based tokens by participating in a range of events and promotions. The tokenomics reward all holders with a 2.25% reward and a .025% burn. We are also excited about the AWRT 2% charity fee which will benefit organizations recommended by club members. These Tokens are available for purchase now and on Uniswap, but stay tuned for special promotions where our valued members can earn the AWRT tokens as rewards for event participation. 

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